Mix Of The Week : 004

Mix Of The Week: May 9

Beginning the week of this mix, Blondie's Bar has a new format for weekend music. We're getting away from the current pop and hip-hop in favor of a more eclectic and varied mix. So this is week one of that. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Mix Of The Week : 003

Mix Of The Week - April 28

Yeah, its been more than a week, but here's a fun mix from Blondie's Bar when I was fresh from SXSW and ready to get back on the decks.

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Mix Of The Week : 002

So its been a little more than a week, but I haven't felt the weekend sets were unique enough to put up. This week, however, I'm putting up a pop Demo I quickly put together to get out into the scene some more. Check it out.

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Mix Of The Week : 001

This is from January 17, 2009 at Blondie's Bar in San Francisco. Check it out.

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