Version 1: The quick and dirty!
I have been DJing since 1997. I started out playing house parties in Michigan. I tried to concentrate on learning how to mix before jumping out into the local DJ scene. I try to keep my style fluid and don't really plan out sets, but I still rely on concepts of well put together sets.

My first major gig was in Ann Arbor, Michigan's Liquid Lounge. Spinning the lounge room at first, then moving to the downstairs dancefloor 4 nights a week, I had ample practice reading and reacting to diverse crowds. I played serveral other small clubs in Michigan, and some more well known ones such as the Motor Lounge. I also appeared on several weekly radio shows.

Since moving to San Francisco, I have held down numerous residencies at a variety of clubs (some going on 7+ years). I have also done a number of special events, weddings, openings, and other parties. If there's music involved, I'm down to rock it.

As far as style goes, I enjoy forays into nearly every genre of music; from hip hop to rock, reggae, house, drum 'n' bass, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I like to go outside the lines. I also appreciate that at times, my job is to entertain and play a certain style of music.